Thor – Marvel digital comics

So I’ve relapsed on Marvel comics again. It must’ve been 15-20 years ago since I’ve read a Marvel comic. I remember stopping because my local newsagent wasn’t very good at keeping stock. I would have missed a couple of issues of Essential X-men. It was really good value for money as it was an anthology of all the different X-Men comics – one issue per comic (one from Uncanny X-Men, etc…).

After watching the Thor movie I was intrigued by his story. My interest only peaked when I heard there will be a new story arc and it will be someone else taking on the mantle. I didn’t care it was going to be a woman, I decided that I wanted to be part of this adventure. As I expected, it started slow but quickly gained momentum and has me hooked to the series now. We’re only on issue 8! Thor’s secret identity has been revealed and I didn’t see that coming. Don’t worry no spoilers here. I hope the series continue to be a success.

Another reason I’ve started reading comics again is the accessibility of them. I’m buying them digitally and it’s just very convenient to view them on a device. I don’t need storage space to store them as well. It’s pretty cool.


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