Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. first half of the second season finale (spoilers)

So for some reason, living in the UK means I get to watch one half of the season finale and then wait a week before seeing the second half. Ugh, that’s so frustrating. I’m really hoping that they’ll put the episodes onto VoD instead of traditional TV. It is on All4 but since it’s on TV first it sometimes doesn’t go up until a couple of hours after it’s aired. At least if it’s on VoD once it’s up, I know I can watch it at any time that suits me – be it 10 or 50 minutes after it’s started.

I did get what I wanted from an Inhumans storyline – more Inhumans’ abilities on display. Jiaying isn’t an immortal or possess some sort of healing factor. She absorbs other’s life force of others to heal herself! That’s a pretty mean power to have. We also saw someone with Multiplying Man’s abilities. She was able to make copies of herself and completely neutralise an agent.

Raina’s death was quite surprising. I didn’t think she would sacrifice herself to help others – especially Skye. When she said they will never speak again, I thought she was either leaving or that she would die. She knew meeting Jiaying would mean her death yet she went anyway. That’s brave.

The Skye vs May scene was pretty cool, it was short but to the point. If it was a normal one to one fight, May could easily take her out. But counting in everything such as powers, Skye has the upper hand. I’m curious how this season will end now. The group is fractured, May has distanced herself with Coulson and now, maybe Skye too. If Jiaying is defeated, what will this mean for the group of Inhumans? Their leader who has so much knowledge in helping their own kind through the transformation will disappear if she dies (but then can she truly die?). Forget about leading, how will a newcomer like Skye be accepted by the rest? I’m hoping that Jiaying’s group of Inhumans are only a small part of “exiled” Inhumans and that another, larger main group exists.

The finale is due to air in the UK Friday 12 June 2015, 8pm on Channel 4.


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