Polygon: don’t quit your day job – games

So I’ve been visiting Polygon to read news and reviews for videogames. But every so often, they like to post things about TV episodes. I guess it gets them traffic but it’s annoying. For people like me who try to avoid spoilers from people who have already seen the latest episode a couple of hours ago across the pond. Going to a videogame site then reading a headline setting an expectation for a TV show I haven’t caught up on yet is frustrating.

“Game of Thrones just delivered a huge shock, and it was due to George R.R. Martin himself” was the headline used this time. So I’m now expecting something major to happen, does Queen of Dragons die? Do the dragons catch a disease or something? I don’t know what it is they’re talking about – I haven’t read it. They’ve set an expectation that can ruin my experience of the TV show. I like going into movies and TV shows with as little information as possible. I don’t even want people telling me something “shocking” happens because this often enables me to see what’s about to happen just before it happens. I guess with the popularity of the TV show they’ll do anything for the few extra clicks they can get (they’re funded by advertisements). Seriously they should stop doing this. Next week is E3 week and I’m seriously considering not visiting the site on Monday/Tuesday until the spoiling headlines go away.