Nemesis system still isn’t any fun yet…

So I’ve played some more Shadow of Mordor and I’m not getting much satisfaction from the game. I like the stealthy kills because it reminds me of playing AC: brotherhood but other than that it’s really boring right now.

My main beef with this game is that the captains (and war chiefs) are so easy to take down that the prelude to the fight, the cheesy macho dialogue they spew out, makes no sense. There’s no sense of epic achievement for beating them. They are still vulnerable to the same thing it seems. In this video, I’m literally just button mashing and I managed to take out a captain this way.

So this orc is trying to get some revenge on me (I think I sniped away at him from a distance before) so I jumped over him and continued to mash buttons. That was enough to kill him. Man, if you’re going to make me sit through some dialogue to make this guy memorable, why make the encounter so… dumb? It’s like he popped up just to get killed and that the developers are hoping I’d remember this orc through the number of lines he spews at me (he turns up again when I’m fighting a war chief). I’d like the option to go up to Captains (and ranks above) and just cut their heads off. Not that I’m a psycho, but to stop them from turning up so randomly all the time. I’ve been baffled by previous encounters before but the more it happens, the more I remember them because I’m thinking “not this again”. I’m getting turned off by this mechanic.

Sorry about the sound of the video.