No BlazBlue CP Extend for Europe

I’ve eagerly awaited for the 1st July; the release date of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend. I’ve sworn that I will purchase it on day one, yet here I am without it. There’s nowhere to buy or download it in sunny England.

It turns out an American release date doesn’t quite equate an European release. This really, really sucks as if it was released on another platform, I have the choice of buying that platform for the game. But the problem here is there isn’t a reliable European publisher to bring this game to Europe. I had high hopes for the game but now they’ve dissipated.

My hype pipped up again when Rik Hendersson’s Metro feature included BlazBlue as a release for this week! Man I wish that was true. The article made me go through all the usual retail sites trying desperately to find one that is selling BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend. Once again disappointing myself with a fruitless search. But it got me thinking. Is the Xbox One region locked?

Turns out the Xbox One isn’t!! Well the digital stuff is but you can play disc based games imported from another country. That’s if the publisher hasn’t locked the disc. Technically, I can download it digitally but I will need a real U.S. address for an American account. I didn’t pursue this route as it sounds a bit dishonest. God why do they region lock stuff!? It just means I can’t go digital with BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend but will at least get to play it. So I’ve made my order with and will have to wait about 2 weeks (ETA). Woohoo! What happens if BlazBlue comes out in Europe? I think I’ll buy it again to show that there is interest here and there should be a reliable publisher for Europe.

BlazBlue on the Xbox One! I can’t wait!