Name the game winner – me!

I’m bored of listening to music at work so I’ve switched to podcasts! I thought I’d listen to news, reviews and random chatter.

One such podcast is Major Nelson Radio hosted by Larry Hyrb. It’s basically an Xbox podcast by Microsoft and I listen to it for the news and how entertaining they are in general. They have a featured section in the podcast called “Name the game”, where they play a sound file clip from an Xbox game and listeners have a chance to win some pretty neat prizes by naming the game that sound clip is taken from. In podcast number 548, they played a clip of one of my favourite fighting games – BlazBlue. I thought I’d email in because really, I had nothing to lose.

In podcast 549, I was surprised to learn that I had actually won! Woohooo! My prize is the first chapter of Kings Quest. It’s an RPG and it sounds pretty interesting. I haven’t played it yet but plan to when I get a few more achievements on BlazBlue CP Extend.



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