BlazBlue CP Extend imported

Yep so from my previous post I said I will import BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend and I did! I was slapped with a £20 custom tax charge but the game is so worth it. The experience of purchasing through PlayAsia was also butter smooth – sure it wasn’t instant like a digital copy but at least I will be able to play it in Europe.

I’m loving this game and my only gripe is that I don’t have it on digital. A European version, however, has been announced for some point “this year”. Great… except we’re behind both the States and the land of the rising sun. When is this release window? They should get it out soon because a new chapter in the BlazBlue universe has already been announced which in turn makes Chrono Phantasma Extend redundant very quickly.

I am going to buy the European version even though I have the US version. For one, this will give me a digital copy of the game, two it shows there is a European market and three hopefully there will be others who haven’t made the jump to import the game and will not have trouble finding a match. However, on the flip side, I don’t want them to think they can release the game so much later in Europe and still sell the game. It’s a double edge blade but one I will bite at because I want the game in Europe. Sigh.