Windows 10 upgrade

It took forever to upgrade for myself. I had to backup my laptop first and that took me two days! I had to format and external hdd, a 2TB disk on a USB 2.0 specification. I left the computer running over night. And when that was done, I had to make a backup. That also took forever and required me to leave my laptop running over night.

Once that was over I thought it was going to be smooth sailing from here. Noooo. The installation took a while and got stuck at 92%. I left it over night and it was still stuck at 92%. I thought I would have to restart the installation process. It turns out that I only had to make my laptop go to sleep. How weird.

Once I got it up and running I liked how fast it was. The speed is noticeable on my laptop. My mac at work has 32GB of ram and an SSD HD but my laptop boots up faster than my work computer. The only thing I wish was better was my laptops graphics card. It’s embedded in the mobo so I can’t change it and it’s robbing me of streaming to my Xbox and GameDVR functionality. Boo! Other than that I don’t have any complaints with the Windows 10. There are a lot of nice touches like the ability to disable start up programs from task manager! That’s really helpful. Edge is very swift too – click on it and it loads almost instantly. It’s a new browser so there are issues it needs to iron out and more features need to come to it. But I’m using it as my default browser for the most part.

I’m waiting for a Surface Pro with Windows 10 pre-installed. I don’t want to go through another upgrade installation but want the features of Windows 10.