Teenage mutant ninja turtles

I loved the Turtles back when I was about 6! The TV shows were awesome. So I was excited to see a new Turtles movie come out. I did have my reservations as Michael Bay’s name was tied to the movie – he WASN’T the director?! I gave it a shot and watched it.

It’s a really bad movie overall. The story made no sense at all due to the terrible writing. There were so many points when I thought, “hang on, how did he/she jump to that conclusion?”. Normally easter eggs are fun nods to the original or predecessors but somehow, SOMEHOW this movie manages to miss the mark! I thought the reimagined looks of the Turtles was quite awesome but absolutely hate Shredder basically depends on his suit.

Also, they couldn’t even make Megan Fox actually look hot in this movie… how?!


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