Ant-Man – featuring Thomas… yes… the Tank Engine

So I watched Ant-Man after a wedding (yes after a wedding) and I went into the movie feeling tired and bloated but more importantly, I know next to nothing about him. Some critics have expressed that Ant-Man shows fatigue in the super hero movie genre ultimately setting low expectations for me. There will be spoilers so stop reading now if you don’t want them.

I have to say the movie didn’t resonate with me well until about a quarter way through the movie when out hero is breaking into a house. I guess the chore of establishing who our protagonist is and what he fights for is important. Once we’ve got that the movie started to pick up, or this could be because I felt less tired and drawn in more by the movie? There were many moments where I was having fun in this movie. The unexpected cameos was one of them; the most unexpected one being an Avenger. Sure every Marvel movie/TV show keeps name dropping characters from other franchises but for one to appear and fight with our protagonist was actually pretty cool.


The best thing of the movie is definitely the humour. From the funny lines and silly situations to the good use of props – the final battle is probably the funniest, yet very entertaining train fight I’ve seen. Especially the parts with the trains and Thomas the Tank Engine. The cinema roared with laughter during that part.

I can’t wait for the next movie – Captain America Civil War is it?