PS4 cry babies!

I subscribed to Crystal Dynamics blog on Rise of the Tomb Raider and every time a message is posted, I receive an email update. I could turn this feature off but I don’t know my password so it’s not going to stop any time soon. The problem I have with this is I’m constantly seeing PlayStation 4 owners whining that they will get the game later down the line. They’ve basically used childish language and immature thoughts and is accusing Crystal Dynamics, a business, caring about making money. I would love to see them run a business selling entertainment to customers without thinking about how to make money.

Crystal Dynamics is a business and they need to make money in order to keep releasing great games like Tomb Raider. Without money, they can’t do anything! It’s like these entitled little gits don’t get this.

From the messages, I think many of them are kids (or just plain dumb people). But some of them have avatars that look like they’re really of an age where they can comprehend things. PS4 version will come out a year later than the Xbox One version because Microsoft helped them develop the new Tomb Raider franchise. Without Microsoft who knows what future the franchise would’ve been like. So to acknowledge this, they’re giving Microsoft first dibs on the second game.

There are funny comments though, like one user saying he will only buy it when it’s cheap in order to hurt the developers income. What a half assed immature attack! If this upsets you so much that you have to voice your opinion about it, your only real option is not to buy or play the game at all. Buying it when it’s on sale means your mind is weak (as you’re buying it anyway) and you’re providing the developers income further down the line anyway (which is support!), so you’re not hurting them at all.

Stop spamming my inbox with your immature whiney posts! You lot should really just grow up.


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