Supergirl series is Kryptonite

I was intrigued with how Supergirl would fare with all the superhero hype that’s going around.

The only good bit was the saving a plane scene, I don’t know why but this scene showed promise. But the plot was stupid and they tried to tackle the sexist connotations surrounding the word “girl” (which is a good thing) but only to turn on it after making a statement is really stupid. So Supergirl argues with her boss that the name Supergirl is stupid and sexist as it implies she’s inferior to her cousin – Superman. Her boss then shuts her up by stating “she’s” a girl, but she owns a very successful business, rich, good looking, etc… and she’s a girl. The point being there should be no negative associations attached to the word – this much I agree on. But then to end the episode on a fight where Supergirl pretends to be a helpless girl and begs for mercy to “win” the fight was the opposite of the aforementioned statement. Alright, so she’s not physically as strong as this alien apparently, so why not make her use her Kryptonian knowledge about the bad guy’s weapon to defeat him? She was older than Superman when Krypton blew up and she’s supposed to watch out for him. I’m not a fan of this series at all. 1 point for the plane scene and -10 for the rest of it. I expected it to be like the feature image but it ended up like the one below. You know, like telling people your secret identity in the first episode!



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