Daredevil is really cool

During my kid years, Spiderman cartoon was shown on Saturday mornings. It was a great reason to wake up early in the morning and Daredevil featured in an episode. He was ultra cool in that episode. But fast forward a couple years and I felt very different about Daredevil. I read an issue of Daredevil where he crashes a wedding and just grabs the bride kisses her in front of everyone and we’re supposed to think it’s cool and it’s alright because those were bad guys. No.

My friend recommended I watch the Daredevil series because he thinks I will enjoy it. I wasn’t sure if I would because that issue I mentioned earlier did put me off a bit. I did finally get around to it and I really like it. I like the origins story and the balance between Matt Murdock and Daredevil – this series had me hooked!

It’s usually very difficult to act with sunglasses on because you don’t have your eyes to convey emotion. But I think Matt did a great job using his lips and voice to do this. I can’t wait for the second season! I wonder whether they’ll merge this with the MCU!


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