BBCPE – Final boss battle!

Having played a lot of single player content in BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend I’m hooked to gaining the different achievements for the game. My latest achievement for BlazBlue (as of writing) is a pain in the ass to pull off! It’s the “Easy there big fellow” achievement.


In this achievement, you have to beat the Highlander mode which pops up after completing the story. It’s just a mode where you have to beat the final boss (Takemikazuchi) with a character of your choice ONCE. Sounds easy right? It would be if the boss wasn’t a giant with shitloads of HP! It is difficult to beat him especially because your HP bar is on normal (you have more HP when fighting the boss during story mode).

I have died many times trying to beat Takemikazuchi – I’ve even been caught by an Astral Finish.

But lucky for me, I am also a fan of platformers. I took this approach and tried to learn it’s attack pattern and tried to find a way to deal with it’s super strong attacks. Finally, my persistence paid off. So to help my fellow achievement chasers struggling to attain the “Easy there big fellow” achievement, the following is my advice to you.

Boss Facts

1. Be careful when approaching the boss, most of his moves have good reach so when you get close he may knock you away again.
2. The attack where multiple gold projectiles fly across the screen (they look like shuruiken) can be avoided by just ducking.
3. Nearly all of it’s attacks are classed as projectiles (except for the grab).
4. Nearly all of it’s attacks can be jumped over – exceptions being the grab and the multiple gold projectiles.
5. You can not block the grab.
6. The ground smash attach cannot be blocked so you have to be in the air.

Boss Distortion Drive (supers)

7. Boss Distortion Drive 1 – the one where it appears in the middle of the screen is UNBLOCKABLE. It shoots out flames on the floor first then it explodes.

A. If you get hit whilst he’s laying the flames down, you can’t tech from this so you’ll eat the full damage, although once the flames are already on the ground you are free to walk/run on it.

B. To avoid the explosion, you’ll need to find cover. This is indicated as a green area where debris will fall on. You need to get to this point to avoid the explosion.

8. Boss Distortion Drive 2 – the one where he shoots out a ray of light/fire closest to him to the other side of the screen.
A. It takes a while for it to gather energy for this, so if you can, use this time to hit it’s head. Once it’s received enough damage, it’ll fall forward exposing it’s chest for you to beat on. He will receive more damage here.

B. If you can’t prevent this blast, make sure you’re on the other side of the screen. This means you will receive less chip damage from the blast (you receive shitloads if you’re in danger state so don’t use up your barrier).

Hakumen Specific Strategy

1. Hakumen is slow but hits hard. So I use j.2A -> JC -> j.2A -> j.C which is enough to make the boss flinch with just about every two hits. When he flinches, he doesn’t attack. If you know of any better aerial combos for Hakumen, be my guest.
2. Any projectiles hit by Hakumen’s sword turns into a friendly void-like mine. These orbs also hurts the boss and can stop some projectiles.
3. Hakumen’s sword attacks can cancel out the boss’ punch attack (the one the sends you flying backwards) because it’s classed as a projectile attack.
4. For the triangle satellites that circulate you and shoot you. I found it best to jump dash backwards and do j.B so it’s like a crossup attack. This way, you’re avoiding fire and taking out one of the satellites at a time.
5. Hakumen’s Counter Distortion Drive (236236D) can completely neutralise the boss’ second Distortion Drive – the ray of light which takes a while to charge.
6. Use Hakumen’s air dash instead of his ground dash which is more like a hop and doesn’t cover much ground.
7. Finally, try not to get hit!

Here’s a video of me beating Takemikazuchi!