The conclusion to Kenshin’s Kyoto saga

It was pretty evident that the movie was rushed. It was the latter half of the Kyoto saga watched in a fast forward viewing. It was disappointing in regards to the story but the action was decent.

The only thing that kept me watching were the amazingly choreographed fight scenes. They do what a lot of action movies fail to do, establish a hierarchy. Kenshin doesn’t have to take the cannon fodder seriously throughout the trilogy. When he is having trouble, it’s always against a strong opponent. I liked that. The final fight was a huge disappointment and it didn’t work for me. I mean come on!

The worst thing is that the movie neglects the antagonists. They just follow Shishio for some reason, we don’t know why and even if we do, the reasons are briefly gone over just to waste time. The most memorable villains in Kenshin are the Juppongatana! They had reasons to fight, they had their own styles but in the movie they’re nothing more than generic bad guys. Look at the fate of Usui in the movie… he’s just a bad guy with a turtle shell! haha

If you know next to nothing about Kenshin (the original manga/anime) then you will probably enjoy this movie. But for a Kenshin movie, it’s lacking in story and memorable villains. you can watch it but you’ll be frustrated that they didn’t take their time with it.



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