Attack on Titan

I remember reading the manga a while ago but the story never did stick with me so I stopped reading it after some important events. So when I went to see Attack on Titan, I had already forgotten almost everything about it. To sum it up quickly, it’s a pretty gruesome movie that’s not completely faithful to the Manga but it was quite awesome. Instead of angling it as an action movie it felt more like a horror movie (the manga is more action oriented than horror). I liked that.

Normally, here would be the part where I would complain about how it’s not faithful to the source material and therefore not good etc, etc… But I can’t say that here because I couldn’t remember the source material when I had watched it and I was enjoying the movie. I did revisit the manga and got to where I was before and that has not changed my opinion. I liked how helpless people felt against the titans. The human race was also helpless in the manga, but in the movie, everything was gritty, dirty and colourless it had that apocalyptic feeling to it.

It is a gory film so if you can’t watch stuff like Saw and/or Hostel. I wouldn’t recommend this movie. I was just about able to stomach all the deaths in this movie. I haven’t seen the Human Centipede (and I don’t really want to) so I can’t compare it to that. The effects are well done and convincing so if you can stomach it but aren’t really interested in horror movies, I’d watch this just for the art direction it took.


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