The Sprint – Season 3

The term “Sprint” is part of an agile development methodology. Developers would typically commit to smaller chunks of larger complex projects over set time frames. The idea is that programmers will be able to focus on problems and gradually reach a goal where everything is ready. It is used in many industries (banking included) and I suspect gaming wouldn’t be any different, especially considering how quickly they work to produce games these days. “The Sprint” is an episodic series produced by 343 Industries to give the public an insiders view of what it’s like working on a huge project like Halo 5.

Season one focusses on the lead up to the Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer beta launched last Christmas holiday and season two is about the lead-up to the E3 demo. They were both amazing and helps me appreciate the amount of effort and coordination needed for everything to come together. Episodes one and two for the third season is available and we look at the development of sound and music of Halo. I learnt some pretty interesting stuff like I didn’t know they travelled the world to find different talents for the different sounds in Halo. It’s pretty awesome. I would definitely advise people to see it.

Episodes three and four will be released along side the game itself – October 26. Also, episodes five and six have been scheduled for November 16 which makes me wonder if that is a lead up to a big announcement? Maybe big team battle? More new content? Halo competitive scene? Who knows…

Can’t wait for Halo 5 to come out! The beta was so good!