Trash talkers

I block people who rage quit because I think it’s a very small and childish thing to do and it’s not an enjoyable experience at all. I also block people who think it’s right to send “disrespectful” messages to me after a match. I’ve done it before, but rarely against someone I play often – their gamertag is flecherouge.

I play Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on and off mainly due to being busy with work, life and other games too but I always return to Dead or Alive because it’s fun. This means that my level of play fluctuates between “really crap” and “average”. So I try to befriend people I’ve played before in hope that Xbox Live would match me with them again some day. flecherouge is one of those players, I’ve played many matches against him. I can’t say I enjoy playing against him because his tactics are to backflip away then run in with something. It’s very annoying to deal with especially when there’s lag but I play him because I play anyone. I don’t know this person in real life but if I did, I probably wouldn’t have blocked them.

So what happened? As usual, I get matched up with him and I lost two rounds and at the beginning of the third round I had to stop playing. There was someone knocking on my front door. Instead of disconnecting from Xbox Live, I let the match run. After my return, my character lost that match as expected. But then I also notice that I’ve got a message from my opponent. It was a rude comment and I replied saying I had to answer the door. Their message left a bad taste with me so I proceeded to block them over Xbox Live.


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