Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Paying for an Xbox Live Gold membership will give you the most out of your Xbox experience. Even Sony is charging their customers to play online. Games with Gold is a perk that has been added onto this membership to keep it competitive. During half of September and running into the middle of October, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition was one of the free games you could download. I really liked the 2013 reboot on my Xbox 360 so I downloaded this one and played through it one more time.

It’s funny because this time around it feels a lot harder than the original. I died more often than I remember so I think the difficulty has been adjusted. Needless to say this game looks alot better than the Xbox 360 version and is a welcomed upgrade. Not only visually, but the sound has been upgraded too! The machine gun in particular has this extra ooompf factor to it. I like how the cut scenes also keep the costume you’ve chosen instead of jumping back and forth with the default one.

What a great idea to have people play this about a month before Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s got me hyped for the sequel but now that I’ve completed the game, I’m resting so I won’t feel some Lara fatigue when the sequel comes out.

This is a very solid game and the franchise deserves to be successful; I hope the developers know that they’ve done an amazing job and it’s been greatly appreciated.


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