Halo the fall of reach animated series

As part of my Halo 5: Guardians digital pre-order, I got access to the short “Halo the fall of Reach” animated series. This series provides the back story of John 117, THE Masterchief and who Blue team are – a super strong team of Spartan II’s. SPOILERS up ahead.

It’s a three episode long animation and it takes us back right to the start – before even the first Halo game. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. I like how it goes over the dark beginnings of the Spartan II program but wished it was… darker. If you were abducted at the age of 6, you’d probably be crying and scared but this was never shown in the animation. The counter argument would be that they are extraordinary people so they had courage… but that’s stretching it and I would prefer to see how they began their struggle and ultimately accepted their fate. I felt there could be more emphasis on the friendship of Blue team. We see them train and go onto missions together, but never really bonding. It would be great to see them ‘hang out’ in a scene or two just to convince me that they are friends and not merely comrades. Something like the party scene from Avengers 2… without the booze… the music… and the super heroes.

The animation art style and it really sells it to me. It’s set in the past and the way it was done reminds me of dream/memory sequences. So to me that ties it together nicely.

All in all it was worth watching because I love video game lore. Microsoft is very good at creating these Halo extended universe materials – like Hunt the Truth audio series.

Well done!


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