Halo 5: Guardians is amazing

Halo 5 is so much fun. You need to get it. There. That’s the short version of this post. For a full SPOILERS post, read on!

After playing the beta, I knew I had to get Halo 5. I read that they had adjusted the gameplay mechanics after feedback from players and I was a little frightened that it would’ve changed so much it would be nothing like the beta experience. Boy am I glad these changes were made. The game feels faster and the control schemes feel even better and now it’s easier (and more natural) to do certain stuff – like ground pounds. The game plays so much better than the beta.

The campaign mode was really awesome to play. The story was decent and there are so many W-T-F! moments. Like finding out Cortana’s alive amongst many others! I couldn’t help but be wowed by how amazing everything looks. It would definitely be under appreciated if it was played in split-screen. The maps are diverse and I don’t remember thinking two maps being the same. This allowed for some pretty cool combinations of vehicles and travelling on foot. One change that I love is that every single weapon you come across in campaign is very useful. It helped me lose the ‘favourite weapon’ mentality where I would cling onto one weapon despite running out of ammo. It certainly helped with the pacing of the fights. The addition of exploring towns/camps was new and refreshing. It reminds me of RPGs where you go around town talking to towns folk. I liked that and would loved to see more of Halo’s world.

The characters were also interesting. You do play as Fire team Osiris most of the time but they are all pretty cool and have some interesting dialogue sometimes. Like when Vale asks Buck how he manages to be in a relationship with someone when they hardly have time to see each other really makes them believable characters. Olympia Vale is probably my favourite character. She seems to be the least experienced soldier but is very intelligent. She’ll often point out facts about the Aliens and she can even speak Sangheli! Awesome! I would love individual story campaigns for each of the spartans we get to play as. Maybe this would be a great DLC plan! Come on 343!

The multiplayer is where the game really shines. The competitive arena playlist contains different game modes for the more serious players. I absolutely love Stronghold. This is an interesting take on capturing the base modes. You need to control two out of three modes to score points. This makes it even more competitive and prevents people from crawling over the finish line. But my favourite multiplayer mode is Warzone. This is a massive casual multiplayer battle where your team has to score 1,000 points or destroy the enemy core to win. You do this by capturing bases, killing of AI bosses and killing other Spartans. The req packs have been quite addictive. They provide generous amounts of weapons so it’s quite difficult to use all of them in a match but the best stuff are the permanent skins that unlock. I like customising the look of my Spartan between matches. Can you pay to win? Well, probably not. You need to reach certain levels before you can pull out something powerful AND the req packs give you random items so it’s not like you can stock up on 1,000 Scorpion tanks.

The good news is that more maps will be added later on for free. That would be amazing! It’d probably be a refreshing change as well for all the day one purchasers. Halo 5 Guardians is such an amazing game I can’t recommend it enough.