The Walking Dead season one – Telltale games

I remember the first time I saw the Walking Dead. It was in a hotel room (squad training stay over) and I was flicking through the channels and I stopped when Rick was waking up from the hospital. The first hour long episode gripped me straight away. It was great, but after season 2, I stopped watching it. Telltale’s attempt at the Walking Dead games have caught my eye with their game but I was cautious, so it was great that the whole first season was offered for download by “Games for gold”.

Like most games, the Walking Dead starts slow. It didn’t hook me right away and although the dilemmas are supposed to be difficult choices, I found it easy to choose in the early stages. Maybe it’s because I still wasn’t emotionally invested at that point of time. Later on, decisions became impossible to make as I have connected with each of the characters. The ending is a tear jerker too, it was so emotional and I was literally on the edge of my seat rooting for my protagonists. One thing that stood out to me, mainly because I don’t think it’s been used well in most cases. What am I talking about? Silence. The use of silence near the end was golden. Telltale games are really good at putting story first and the way silence was used near the end was very well done and proves this.

Overall, I think the whole of the first season was so much fun and emotional. Apart from Ori and the Blind Forest, this is the only other game that has nearly brought me to tears. Great stuff!