The strain of an epidemic event

I watched “The Strain” without knowing anything about it and quickly got hooked! That was, until I got to the middle of the season.

It started off very interesting because it was like a crossover of outbreak and a zombie/monster flick. I later found out they were supposed to be vampires but the idea of scientists trying to contain an outbreak that they’ve not faced before was very cool. It got side tracked and it just turned into 100% monster movie and I didn’t appreciate how most of the people who have been turned became zombies, yet they’re still called vampires.

There were points when I was surprised and thought oh, maybe there’s more to this than I thought. That was when a vampire militia team showed up for the first time. We’re not really told anything about them and it doesn’t save the show at all.

I think the worst crime the show commits is the lack of interesting characters. There are characters sure but I don’t even remember the names of them except for the main guy – Eff(?). It really went downhill after our CDC hero finally accepted the old mans words. It could’ve been great, a show that mixes modern day medical containment procedures vs vampire virus spreading, but it’s left that behind so I’m not going to watch anymore beyond season one.