My new controller – Elite117

I do love my controllers. I spent £180 on an arcade stick because I wanted a better experience playing fighting games. I saw that potential for other games in Microsoft’s £120 Elite wireless controller.

The Elite controller is quite expensive but the build quality does feel great. There’s loads of improvements that I can just feel when playing with it. The sticks rotate really well, like there’s no resistance at all, that’s how smooth it moves. On the original controller, I placed my whole finger around the bumpers and pressed down hard to make sure that it’s registered. With the Elite controller, there’s a good feedback click when I press the bumpers so I know exactly when it’s registered.

Initially, the software to customise your controller felt quite limited. But after updating my controller and downloading the Xbox Accessories app after the XBE update, the software has been upgraded. There’s now an interactive illustration to show you how each of the sensitivity settings affect your controller whereas before it’s just a static chart which meant nothing to me. I’ve managed to customise my controller and I’m loving it.

The Elite controller also came with different thumb sticks and back paddles. The thumb sticks are of different height and there are two that are dome shaped. I find it easier to control movement with a longer stick on the left and easier to hold and limit thumb travel by having a shorter one on the right. It took a little getting used to (about 1 and a half warzone matches) but now that I’m used to it, I don’t want to use the default controller again. I couldn’t use the paddles at first, I had all 4 in there and it was ridiculous. So I tried with just the two on the right and it replaces my most used movements in Halo 5, jump and boost. I can still aim whilst jumping and boosting. Before, my thumb would leave the right stick and press A or B, now, it’s just tapping the paddles on the back of the joypad to do those actions. Very quickly I found these movements to be very natural. I haven’t pressed them by mistake much. Even when I first started using them I’m surprised by how little I pressed them accidentally. This controller is money well spent. I can’t imagine playing Halo 5 without this controller now.

I’m hoping we can customise the face of the controller or more parts become available because it’s already a good product and I would like to be able to customise it further to my liking. You can name your controller whilst you’re customising it at the software level so I took that opportunity to name mine – Elite117.


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