New Xbox One Experience (NXE)

This is the update pretty much all Xbox One owners have been waiting for. It’s a completely new OS for our Xbox One and also brings backwards compatibility with over 100 Xbox 360 games.

To be honest, I had gotten used to the previous Xbox One OS because that was already an improvement over the Day One version. Microsoft had worked hard to improve Xbox One and as a result, we benefit from it all. Constant updates and a dedicated feedback site so that the community can be heard. Whether this would still be the case if the Xbox was the market leader I don’t know but in this reality, it’s great.

I updated my Xbox One the day the “New Xbox One Experience” (NXE from now on) was available. It took a couple of minutes to download and update my console. Once it had finished all my apps and games were just blank icons. I was terrified! I thought there was something wrong with the update. So whilst I was scouring the internet for answers, I noticed that one of the games tiles reverted back to normal. So I patiently waited and there was a second, third and fourth. So I guess the OS had completely been wiped including all my games and it’s just downloading everything again. I was fine with that, I just let it run it’s course and did something else. When I came back, everything was ready. Only thing is when I fired up some games, it had to “get it ready”. It was a one time thing only and only took a couple of seconds to do this but I had imagined that the update experience would be seamless so it was a bit “meh” at this point. The UI felt sluggish at first so I restarted my system and everything seemed to work as is and it does feel a lot faster than the old UI. Things do load faster. I’m happy with that. It might be a placebo effect, but I think the time it boots up from standby mode is actually quicker too.

They’ve also improved on the UI simply by reorganising where everything is placed where they should be. Although I never did remember where all the settings items were in the old version. It’s pretty easy to guess where you need to go because of how well it’s organised now. The look and feel of the UI looks great, it’s more contemporary and I can see my background wallpaper more now. The vertical scrolling is also pretty cool, it sort of works well with the content.

I’ve got a couple of Xbox 360 games that has automatically appeared in the “My games” section and that’s pretty awesome. I haven’t played any of them yet but the fact that I didn’t have to go find them was cool. I know a couple of people who were really looking forward to backwards compatibility. Good for them.

After using the NXE UI, I don’t miss the old one at all.

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