Pneuma – the under appreciated video game

Pneuma – breath of life is a puzzle solving game with an interesting story reveal at the end. I don’t want to ruin the ending as it’s best you experience it yourself.

The puzzles in the game aren’t super challenging, if you pay close attention, most of the puzzles can be solved. I only needed to YouTube two puzzles in the whole game to beat it. But my favourite part is the ending. It’s quite an interesting and I’ve never played a game with this before. The effect will not be as dramatic if spoilt so don’t go looking for spoilers.

I quite liked this game and wondered why I’ve never heard of it before Laura Lolipop spoke about it on Major Nelson’s podcast. In fact, none of the major review sites I frequent reviewed this game – Polygon, IGN, GameInformer, none of them. I was quite disappointed in this as it’s actually quite a beautiful game with a unique story. I think people who identify themselves as “gamers” would like this more than casual players. I just wish there would’ve been more coverage on this so here I am, hoping that anyone reading this will give it a try. It’s also downloadable as part of Xbox’s Games with Gold programme. Go play it.