Will Final Fantasy VII remake flop?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting a lot of heat right now because in a press release, they’ve sneaked in some important information to the game. As of right now, the plan is to release the game as a “multi-part series”. Nobody but the folks at SE don’t know exactly what this means but the most popular interpretation is an episodic release. So we’re all going to speculate what they meant and criticise them for it. Juse because =)

Square Enix have defended this decision stating that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is such a massive game, the remake won’t fit in one game. My initial thoughts are “huh?”. Is this game world going to be a lot bigger than Dragon Age Inquisition and all the other open worlds out there? I don’t think it is and I think people won’t mind swapping discs or just having one massive file to download. Did they commit to a release window before completing most of the game? Or are they just trying to cram too many ideas into this remake? Are we getting a Gran Tourismo realistic level remake of the motorcycle mini game? I don’t think so. The thing that stood out is that they said every experience will be different. So is it possible that they want to make a mixed genre game where you will main different characters depending on which part of the story you’re on?

To me, it looks like they’re following the PS4 mantle of making things look good first and foremost. Guys, look at what happened with The Order 1886. It got mixed reviews because people who wanted a game gave it a low score, and people who likes looking at pretty stuff gave it a decent score. Don’t focus on wowing people with graphics, it can only carry a game so far (just look at how beautiful Midgard is now)! Seriously, I hope they’re focusing on gameplay because if it’s not fun, people won’t play it and definitely won’t pay for subsequent “parts” of the series. The worst thing is if the episode gets “luke warm sells” due to the multi-part series format because some people, like me, wait until all the parts are out before making a purchase – I did this for Life is Strange. Of course I can’t say if there are more or less people who do this but D4 is unlikely to continue due to “disappointing” sales. So I will never find out what happens to David in that cliff hanger ending! If the same thing happens to FF7 Remake and SE thinks it’s not worth the trouble of completing the series, we’re going to have another Shenmue on our hands! Although to be fair we know how FF7 ends.

They are calling it a remake, so it makes sense to change elements of it. It can work for some titles, just look at Tomb Raier (2013) which has successfully removed the sexist nature of the game and focusses on action and adventure. However, this is an RPG. A story heavy game. Not a dumb shooter rebirthed into an amazing action adventure game. If SE are going to change so many elements, why not just make a new game? Final Fantasy 16 or something. I guess the merchandise still sells well with FF7 (I still see Sethiroph figures everywhere) so they want the hype and excitement of FF7 to sell a different game. I reckon all these changes would’ve been better received if they perhaps extended the FF7? Like Advent Children. The movie was enjoyable because I wasn’t watching the events of the game, but I was watching the aftermath. They even said there will be plot changes, so I don’t know what in the game is still FF7 except for the characters. Seriously, if they want to attract people to this new game using their most famous entry of the Final Fantasy series, just extend it. But I guess that wouldn’t have summoned all the false nostalgia that made all the noise it did for Sony had they not done so.

I was like “oh, I might get a PS4 just for this” but with all these new details surfacing, it’s not FF7 that I would be buying. It’s not something I’m familiar with. Instead, it’s a completely different game with FF7 characters slapped onto it to get nostalgia to kick in for hype, so for that reason, I’m going to be cautious with this game.