Rik Henderson on the metro

So another morning and another commute to work. As usual I pick up the Metro and read it on the way to work except today, there’s going to be a tech/gaming section as per every week. I wanted to see what was going to be in there and well I was a bit disappointed in what I read. It feels like the author (Rik Henderson) just google’s his information and presents it to the editor. In June, he said BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend was released in the UK when really it was just North America (after a long wait, us Europeans finally got the game in October).

He also doesn’t have that much awareness of other games on the market. It looks like he just copies and pastes back of the box descriptions onto the newspaper. The Metro should find someone who actually sounds like they’re enthusiastic about gaming. As someone who is really interested in games, his articles are very boring.


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