Elite117 reporting to duty!

I’ve had my Xbox Elite controller (Elite117) for a while now so an update is in order. Unlike software, hardware can get worn over time and build quality can be the difference of a consistent performer and one that requires frequent replacements. So it’s important to re-evaluate hardware.

Truth be told, it still feels very solid and comfortable to use. The build quality is superb – all the buttons feel as responsive as they were when I first bought it. There’s no sign of cracks, pieces peeling off or stuck buttons or movements not registering. It is a £120 product and the quality definitely is of that standard. My favourite feature is shortening the amount you can depress on the triggers to half. This makes shooting a lot quicker. For weapons that require you to hold a full charge, you can set this in the controller button assignment so it registers as a full press of the button. I take it off when I need finer controls of how much I’m pressing the trigger button such as when I’m playing Forza 6.

The feature that has improved the way I play the most is the additional paddles. I truly mean this when I say it’s changed the way I play. Before, it would be difficult to pull of a jumping dash whilst aiming in Halo 5. With the paddles, I’ve assigned both jump and dash buttons to paddles so I can still aim with my right thumb. My right thumb also doesn’t get tired from pressing the different buttons all the time now (they weren’t joking when they said you can play longer). It’s just a quick squeeze of my finger. I had my doubts about the paddles at first. I watched a YouTube video of a guy who is sponsored by Scuff express his opinions on the Elite controller when it was first showcased. He said it’s very easy to press the buttons by mistake and I disagree with him. At first, maybe, but after about 5 matches, I got used to them. I don’t press them by accident at all. But different people have different levels of control over their body so people who can’t control themselves might find this an issue. I cannot imagine playing Halo 5 without the paddles.

The Xbox Elite controller has a big price tag to it but it’s definitely worth every penny. It’s a premium product that’s very practical and makes the user feel good. Well done Microsoft.