Flat X-men Apocalypse trailer =(

I remember waking up on Saturday mornings when I was a kid just to catch my favourite heroes in action and walking into my local corner shop looking for the latest edition of Essential X-men comics. The complex character stories and struggles was what made X-men great for me. So yeah, I’m a huge X-men fan.

20th Century Fox Studios has the movie rights to Marvel’s X-men franchise and their recent track record seems to be getting better but the new trailer for the new X-men Apocalypse trailer looked mediocre to me. From the trailer it seems Storm, Archangel, Psylocke and Magneto(?) will be Apocalypse’s four horseman. In the comics, Archangel was and then broke free from his control. But what worries me is that we’ll have a generic reason for these people to help the bad guy then in the penultimate act realise they can’t go through with it and team up with the X-men to take on Apocalypse. Really? Sounds crappy to me. Whilst we’re on the subject of Apocalypse, he doesn’t look scary in the trailer at all. He looks very generic and if we didn’t know he was apocalypse, he could’ve been anything. He just doesn’t stand out. In the Age of Ultron trailers, Ultron looked menacing and strong. I wished they’d have done some effects to his voice like in the 90’s X-men cartoon.

Oh and what the hell is going on with Jubilee? She’s as old as Cyclops now? Come on. I just wish Marvel takes the leash for an X-men movie. They’ve done so well with the stories and look of their heroes so far.


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