Star Wars: The Force Awakens overrated?

Yep, you read the title right! I found Star Wars: The Force Awakens overrated. It was a good movie, yes but amazing? Not to my taste.

I think it was visually stunning and there were some funny lines in there but it was a pretty shallow movie. The best part of the movie was actually where we are finding out who Rey is. We see how she’s been keeping herself alive and although she doesn’t look like she’s ever had a full meal, she doesn’t sell out BB8. I liked that. But then things quickly descended from there. It was a movie that just looked good and the story sort of became simple. Lucky that there were funny lines here and there otherwise I’d have hated the long movie.

What I didn’t like was how Finn seemingly realises his wrong doings through sympathy towards a fellow storm trooper who was downed. This quickly vanishes as during his escape, he has no hesitation in gunning down fellow storm troopers. I’m also disappointed that there’s no sense of hierarchy in this movie. For example, how strong is Kylo Ren? He struggled against Finn and even had to resort to petty small attacks to wound him. Finn, got his ass kicked by a tongfa wielding Storm trooper yet the main antagonist failed to land a single meaningful blow to him. So he’s actually weaker than Storm troopers? I don’t know why the bad guys are counting on Kylo Ren to lead a huge army. Speaking of the antagonist, when Kylo Ren took his mask off for the first time, I just wanted to laugh! He looked ridiculous. I was expecting a tough face but instead we get a snotty brat face instead. To end my knit picking, I thought it was stupid that Leia doesn’t hug her husband’s life long friend Chewy, instead hugs a random girl she met only minutes/hours ago.

It’s an average movie with good spectacles.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens overrated?

  1. As a standalone movie, yeah it’s shallow and a very week continuation of the series. But my guess is that VII is more about the setup than taking things at face value. I outlined my reasoning here:

    As for Leia hugging Rey and not Chewie, that’s part of the setup. For one, they are all very scarred characters, and there is of course something about Rey that Han, Leia, Chewie, Luke, and probably Kylo know that Rey herself does not (or, hint, forgot).

    1. I agree they are trying to set up future movies, but I don’t think that’s a valid argument. You can’t deliver something and promise that the next one will be better. To me, I want to enjoy a movie whether it’s a stand alone or a planned multipart movie. I did enjoy parts of it but not the majority of the time.

      Regarding Leia hugging Rey and not Chewie, she doesn’t even look at him when he walks past. It’s just weird you wouldn’t want to hug a close family friend (although I’m pretty sure they regard him AS family) over a stranger. This isn’t about who is stronger or has potential. It’s about character relationships and the one between the two of them are almost non-existent.

      1. They, being Disney and Lucasfilm, are not promising the next one will be better. I’m sure they feel it is fine in its own right. They targeted this movie to people that remember the original films but mostly lost interest over the last 30 years. Whether you like the movie today or not was not my point, only that how all of us view TFA will be different, for better or worse, once we have the remaining context in VIII and IX.

        As for the Chewie snub, I thought it perfectly appropriate for Leia to zero in on hugging her niece or daughter. 🙂

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