Baba Yaga – Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC

Baba Yaga is a new DLC story mission for the superb Rise of the Tomb Raider action adventure game. There will be spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to know, go away now.

I was abit worried when it was advertised as a ‘supernatural’ experience. I like how subtle it is in the main game (until the final parts where you fight these immortals) so it was a pleasant surprise that there was actually “science” behind who the mythical witch Baba Yaga. There are flowers which makes people hallucinate where creatures of the dark are merely wolves and trinity soldiers but look different under the effects of these flowers. I liked the boss battle where it wasn’t straight forward “shoot him/her x amount of times to get cinematic action buttons”. The battle felt like taking on a tomb but with enemies trying to kill you. I did lose track of where I was during the battle because I was close to death so I had to hide behind covers and track my previous movements and figure out where I need to be going. This wasn’t so great but the idea of using the environment as part of the boss fight is.

The challenges in this game are by default hidden to the player, to begin a challenge you must first do the required action. Imagine how proud I was when I finally found the challenge called “Over the cuckoo’s nest”. It’s a pretty simple challenge in which you have to shoot down 10 of the Witch’s lanterns.

I liked this DLC, there were two major puzzles to solve and additional artifacts to collect. And one of them wasn’t that easy. I hope more of these keep coming, I really enjoyed this one.


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