Baba Yaga – over the cuckoo’s nest challenge

Baba Yaga DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider added a few hours of fun for the game. I liked it and was happy that I managed to complete the in-game challenge at the earliest possible opportunity.

The challenge, named “Over the cuckoo’s nest”, is very similar to one of the challenges in the early parts of the main game. I had no idea what the challenge was in my play through so I tried everything to see if I could trigger the new challenge. Finally I did it. It turns out you have find and shoot down lanterns in the valley area. It’s also tied to an achievement – “Vasilisa’s Lanterns”:

Achievement name: Vasilisa’s Lanterns
Description: Baba Yaga: Complete the Challenge in the Wicked Vale
Gamerscore: 10g

Here’s my play through where you can see the locations of all 10 lanterns: