Big Hero 6 – an awesome mini Avengers movie

I liked Big Hero 6, it was funny and felt like an Avengers movie. The plot is simple and there are many funny moments. It is a movie aimed at kids but Disney has made sure there’s something for everyone.

The world the story was set in was bright, colourful and beautiful imagination of a San Francisco-Tokyo mashup. The character designs were great, each character had their own super power and one particular character was hilarious. I do like superhero movies, I grew up on Xmen cartoons and comics so this was tugging at my strings of nostalgia. I watched this with my nieces and they loved it, I guess this was part of the enjoyment, it’s a movie where both the younger members of the family and people my age can enjoy together. The story isn’t the strong point, it was quite predictable but it is a kid’s movie. Not great, not bad.

I would recommend Big Hero 6 to anyone who likes animations and/or super hero movies.


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