Xbox Live is down… again… and again!?

Maybe its just me, but back in the Xbox 360 days, I seem to have less memories of Xbox Live being down. The network did go down, but they were infrequent so it was forgivable.

Xbox Live, just this year, has gone down a number of times. This is unacceptable. Microsoft have separated Xbox Live into different services or categories but most of the time the problem stops me from playing online. So it doesn’t matter to me whether today section A is down and tomorrow section B is down. If I’m unable to play today and tomorrow, then your service is not working. I don’t care that it’s a different problem. All I care about is that it’s down and I want it to be fixed ASAP.

This problem is worse in that even single player games require an Internet connection to sync up with my cloud saves, sometimes this prevents me from playing the game but recently, I have been able to play. I think the model at the moment can be improved. Microsoft should find a better fallback option. My internet connection is good and reliable. I hardly watch TV now thanks to Netflix and NowTV. Team Xbox has to account for when things aren’t working on their end for a better user experience.

I don’t want to be paying for a service that works “most of the time”. I want a reliable service that works “all the time” so that when it doesn’t, I feel like its not normal and the rare time that it does happen, I can forgive them. Come on Microsoft/Team Xbox, do better and aim for five 9’s – 5 minutes of total down time in a year!


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