Flat-tyre 7

Furious 7, the seventh movie of the Fast and Furious franchise. I was quite excited to see this one because the sixth installment was great.

Yes this movie still jams women’s bottoms and busts into the camera. There’s the ridiculously impossible car chases. And the word family is thrown in there from time to time.

I was actually shocked that they sidelined THE Rock! What?! He’s one of my favourite characters in this movie. They also made it out that Elena (she’s gorgeous by the easy) is more like a baby sitter than a police officer. I didn’t like that.

Also Jason Statham. I’ve never really liked his acting and the hard man he generally likes to portray. The starting scene in the hospital is so ridiculous it failed to show how badass he is and made me think “yeah right”. Why would you shoot up a hospital that is taking care of your brother and then say if anything happens to him you’ll be back? Didn’t you just destroy most of the equipment on your stupid entry? I would’ve preferred Tony Jaa to be the main villain instead of boring Statham.

It’s baffling why Dom needed to work with Kurt Russell to retrieve a hacker and then help her retrieve a program to locate Jason Statham when he’s in almost every scene where there’s action. Since he’s coming for you, he will eventually show up right? So where’s the need to go around the world?

Surprisingly, there was an emotional and well done tribute to the late Paul Walker. I like how they didn’t take the easy route and killed off his character. This was probably my favourite scene.

Overall I didn’t enjoy the movie. Or at least I’m leaning more towards feeling negative about this movie than positive. It was a disappointing sequel to the sixth movie.