Should you accept all jobs?

Amateur photographer ‘ruined’ couple’s wedding with awful pictures and taking selfies

Read this article on the Metro and my initial thought was whether they used a professional photographer or not. Not surprisingly they asked a Student to take their wedding photos for £500.

What I found even more interesting, however was the student’s response: “they should’ve hired a professional”. Whilst I agree that they should have, I find her attitude appalling. She was paid to do a job and her student status or lack of experience should not mean she can get away with providing sub-standard services. If you take a job on, it’s your responsibility to provide what was agreed upon. I just hope its her inexperience that resulted in this mess not her attitude.

Note: When I first started writing my thoughts on this story, the published newspaper portrayed her to having an appalling attitude to the situation. Visiting the online link it’s different (although it was the same newspaper). She sounds more reasonable because they fully quote her instead of parts of her sentence.


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