Sorry Team Ninja, I’m not buying that!

So Team Ninja has just announced another costume pass with lots of replicate character costumes and just the one stage to offer. They’re boasting a total of 78 new costumes and 1 new stage with the bonus costume for Ayane. Sure, some costumes will look cool, but I don’t think the price is justified at all.

These costume passes cost the price of a full game or more! The current price on Xbox marketplace is £61.49 ($88.56). Including this one, 4 has come out back to back in less than a year. This tells me they’re proper milking their fan base. I did buy some before thinking I would like to show support to one of my favourite fighting games. But this is getting ridiculous. I’m not really seeing any returns for my money. Halo 5 req packs fund free DLC whereas Team Ninja’s DLCs doesn’t seem to get the same results. I guess buying the game is enough to show my support, I don’t like these DLCs – now that they’re including maps and characters, aren’t they going to fragment the player base? I’m assuming they’re planning to do this for every single female character?

Seriously, the costumes look recycled and they’re not very imaginative. Come up with something else Team Ninja. £60+ for costumes is disgusting. This is a big “fuck you” under my book Team Ninja.

So no thanks on the Season Pass Team Ninja.