Good luck topping Captain America Civil War Marvel

Captain America Civil War has claimed the number one spot of my favourite Marvel movies list. Second place isn’t even close.

I enjoyed the story heavy first half of the movie which built character and motives for everyone. The drama surrounding the question of accountability and the difficult decisions each individual has to make was powerful to me. The first time Captain America and his team are faced with the decision of whether or not to sign the Sokovia Accord people expressed their opinions but at the end, it was like “you’re going to sign it? That’s ok, but I’m not signing it”. Then as the movie progresses, the arguments get more and more heated, the tension does get built up and it naturally escalates to the big fight at the airport. I thought it was great how Iron Man and Captain America’s personality and experiences made their choice feel natural. Being a normal civilian, Iron Man will obviously think having an organisation approach to keep the Avengers in check will be the best interest for everyone. Whilst Soldier Captain America believes that “you can’t save everyone and if you can’t live with that. Maybe next time, you won’t be able to save anyone” (paraphrasing here). I thought that was awesome.

Although this is a Captain America movie, I’m glad that the other characters were allowed some screen time to develop. Like Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, from the first mission and her conversations with other members on the team, we learn she is still young and haven’t completely grasped her powers yet. Her decision to join team Cap had reason and we understand why she picked it.


I was surprised with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow decision to side with team Iron Man though. I thought that after all that she’s been through with Steve, she’d side with him. I guess she wasn’t completely on-board with the idea and just wanted to get the officials off their back so they can just leave this past them. But her loyalty and true friendship is shown at the big fight. She helps Captain America escape by slowing Black Panther down. She also did a great job at how convincing her fights are. I don’t know whether it was a stunt double? But I liked Black Widows moves. She’s awesome.


This movie isn’t just about heavy dark story telling though. After everything is pretty much set in motion, the Marvel trademark comedy kicks in at just the right moments to break up that tension. The big fight at the airport really, really pays off. It wasn’t supposed to be a death match so the carefully plotted comedy worked very well in the fight. Also, this isn’t just a short fighting sequence where everyone kisses and makes up afterwards **ahem**BvS**ahem** they have a good long battle using their powers and strategies against each other often cancelling each other out. The new players on the field was a breath of fresh air. Especially Spiderman who lightened up the mood. He’s so young that he talks a lot during the fight which made sense because he’s just a kid that’s in a fight between these mythic figures. It was great. I like that team Cap figures out that they’re so evenly matched, to have everyone pull out was impossible, so they improvise the plan and decide only Captain America and Bucky should go.


Speaking of Spiderman, he’s probably my favourite on-screen Spiderman to date. Granted he’s not been in the movie for long but for that short amount of time, he was exactly how I imagine Spiderman to be. I’m now very excited to see Marvel’s take on Spiderman in the upcoming movie AND it makes me want them to do an X-Men movie.

The action in this movie was very well plotted and choreographed. I don’t know who the choreographer is but credit to them to make every punch and kick look powerful and entertaining. The final fight at the end was pretty brutal and didn’t feel like it dragged on at all. In fact, there wasn’t an action sequence I thought dragged on too much.


I absolutely loved this movie and I now want to see it again and can’t wait for another movie teaming up Marvel with the Russo brothers again. Go see it!

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