Look for the… bare~ necessities

I remember watching The Jungle Book when I was a kid and to hear that the live action movie was very well received I was looking forward to this movie.

The CG looks spectacular in this movie, the voice acting was great and I loved the inclusion of the Bare necessities song. That’s all I liked about the movie.

I didn’t like the story so much and it was quite violent for a PG movie – a wolf gets brutally thrown off a cliff to his death! Sheerkhan doesn’t like Mowgli because his father burned his face and he lost his eye. But in a flash back, we learn he doesn’t know Mowgli was even at the camp, that’s why he didn’t kill him. So how on Earth does he know Mowgli is the son of that guy he killed? Also he chooses to wait at the wolves’ home so they can bring back Mowgli for him to kill? Err… what? Surely, if you know he’s heading towards the man village, you could go around that area? Also, doesn’t Sheerkhan have a good reason to not like Mowgli? He’s afraid of man’s red flower that will destroy him and his home. So what happens at the end of the movie? Mowgli sets fire to the whole jungle burning down everything. He basically destroyed all the animals livelihood. There’s so many things I didn’t like about the story and those are the ones I can be bothered to mention.

The voice acting was so good, maybe they should’ve replaced the child actor with cgi representation of himself. I didn’t like his performance if I’m honest. I thought he ruined the Bare necessities song – I would’ve loved to hear Bill Murray’s solo take on this Jazzy mix. On the issue with songs, there were none in the first half of the movie, and then suddenly it turns into a musical? What? I get Baloo singing a song to Mowgli because he doesn’t know what music is! So it made sense to teach him how to sing. But, why on earth was King Louie singing? It didn’t fit the movie other than the original having it. He also gave off a “Godfather gangster” vibe too (he was voiced by Christopher Walken) which I wasn’t too sure about. He’s also able to sneak up on Mowgli despite being the size of King Kong. Also, Kaa’s part in the movie was really small, maybe they should’ve either cut it, or added the second encounter back into the movie. But I guess the producers wanted to add as many big names onto their list as possible (Scarlett Johansson).

I did not like how Mowgli is a genius engineer. He invented stuff that was way more advanced than his time period. It didn’t make sense. What also didn’t make sense is Sheerkhan taking on a Panther. A bear. And a pack of wolves! What the hell. I seriously didn’t like The Jungle Book. It’s got some pretty good names to it but I didn’t enjoy it.


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