Quantum Break – an excellent mix of gaming and TV

Quantum Break is an interesting game – it wants to marry two forms of entertainment together and it does it well. Everything feels cohesive and the tv segments are surprisingly well done.

I guess the first notable thing is that Quantum Break looks gorgeous. I’m a fan of the gritty style and look of the environment. The ingame characters also look really cool. The time effects look even more stunning and they convey what type of enemy you’re facing. You can just look at an enemy and know what they are capable of and how you can tackle them.

This leads nicely into the gameplay. When you first start out the controls feel ok, it was a little odd that there wasn’t a button for me to tell Jack when I want him in cover and when to come out. But as Jack became more powerful, cover wasn’t an issue. Instead I focused on managing my powers as they have a cool down time. The game benefits from this as half way through the game you will feel OP (over powered). But its satisfying to take enemies down with your powers so I’m not complaining. The extra media easter eggs and collectable narrative items were also cool. It was quite funny watching a TV advert with Sam Lake in it over the shoulders of Jack. I was watching Jack watching TV.

The best part of Quantum Break is the story and the acting. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the TV segment was. You can influence scenes in the show by decisions you make and sometimes actions you take in the game. I liked this. The character development were great and not just Jack but those around him too. The actors have done a stellar job in portraying their character.

My only gripe with the game is that because I knew the structure of the game (you play one chapter then you watch an episode of the shots then you go back to the game) so I was afraid to play the game when I wasn’t sure I could spend alot of time playing games. So most of my playtime, if not all, were played during the weekend. You can replay episodes so it was really a personal thing.

Overall I really enjoyed Quantum Beak and I would recommend Quantum Break to anyone.


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