Psylocke – the X-men Kunoichi

Out of all the X-men, I think Psylocke’s back story intrigued me the most. Wolverine does come in at a close second but it’s the genetically combining two different people to become indistinguishable from one another that drew me in. Plus, she’s one of my favourite X-men, she’s very attractive AND A F****** KUNOICHI! (I love ninja!)

I wasn’t really aware of Psylocke in the X-men stories. Well I saw her but didn’t know who she was. It was an issue of Essential X-Men where the story was focussing on Revanche’s last days from the Legacy virus and ultimately goes to Japan to ask Matsuo to kill her. From there I hunted around and leant about their complex relationship and how she is tied to the Matsuo (and by extension, the Hand).

I remember reading the Lady Mandarin storyline where she mentally kills off her friends as she was brainwashed. She was able to fight Wolverine as an equal and finally took him out (well the shock factor helped). Back in the Essential X-men comic, Psylocke made peace with Matsuo after Revanche’s death so I was really curious when I saw a story set after these events and she wants to kill Matsuo! I didn’t know why so I took the plunge and bought those issues from (it included the Lady Mandarin storyline too).

The story was good, I enjoyed it. There were plenty of action, ninja, surprising cameos and the art looked fantastic. It had some pretty dark and nasty themes in there but I loved it. This was a good way to close another chapter in Betsy’s book.

Comics referenced and you should definitely check out: X-Men Psylocke #1-4, Uncanny X-Men(1963) #256-258


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