Beautiful art by Takeda, Sana

I’ve come across the beautiful art of Sana Takeda in Marvel comics and I’m in love with her style.

The first time I came across her art was in the Ms Marvel 2006 – 2010 series where Moonstone has assumed Ms Marvel’s position in her “absence”. Sure enough she comes back to reclaim it but something was different about these particular set of pages. It was the art. I liked the Japanese manga feel, yet realistic look of the characters. The lighting of each panel, especially in night shots, were strikingly beautiful. Everything was perfect. Well… almost. The only critique I have is the position or posture the females take. They kinda do look a little “suggestive”? I might be reading into it too much but that isn’t enough to detract me from admiring the art style. She’s very talented and I wish she would be able to do more Captain Marvel comics as she really brings her to life.

Sana Takeda comic gallery


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