Artworker to Web developer?

Back in October 2015, I started to write a blog entry about the beginning of my role change. I started to write it but got alittle busy to finish it and in April I officially obtained the role Web Developer title. Here’s what I wrote break in October 2015.

So my last one-to-one meeting with my manager asked if I wanted to go back to my technical roots and do IT network/support for our Mac users at work. I declined. That’s not what I enjoy doing. But his words struck a chord with me. That night, I couldn’t sleep. It made me think about my career and what I wanted to do. I definitely wanted to get back into web developing again.

I recently had to create an expandable banner for our client. I had so much fun coding again. I think the challenge of writing code is what’s so attractive about it. My job right now is challenging in its own way but not intellectually. Most of the time it’s about delivering in tight deadlines. Technically its not super difficult.

I had a quick catch up with my manager at the time and he reacted positively. He got the ball rolling and after Christmas holidays and busy times. I wrote the following in January.

The good news is that I’m given the chance to tryout this new role. It’ll be a good way for my employer and myself to find out whether I’m suitable for this role. Bring on the challenge!

After successfully taking on projects of various sizes, I officially attained the job title Web Developer in April. So now I’m a Web Developer again; this time I’m in an environment where I can grow my skills. Woohoo!