Halo Wars 2 Beta

So I tried out the Halo Wars 2 beta that’s running this week and I honestly think it’ll be more fun if played on a PC. The controls were fine on a joypad but my C&C: Red Alert experience is telling me, this would be such a better experience with a mouse and keyboard. I played one match and I don’t think I’ll get it for the console. If I ever save enough for a Surface Book, this will be one of the games I will get for it. I definitely miss the old RTS games. I think it’s probably made for PC play and I think I’ll just end up getting frustrated if I attempted it on the Xbox. Having said that, this is a cross buy game (Microsoft are branding these titles “Xbox Play Anywhere” games) so I could theoretically buy it for my Xbox and then play it on PC later. But why do that when I can buy it later at a lower price? I guess this purchase can wait.


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