Microsoft E3 2016 conference

There were alot of reveals at the Microsoft E3 2016 conference and I enjoyed it. Here are some highlights for me.

Gears of War 4

They started with “the big man” Phil Spencer, he had a couple of words then gave the stage to Rod Fergusson. He was going to demonstrate a section of the Gears 4 story campaign and to do that, he welcomed Laura Bailey (awesome voice actor – Vale from Halo 5 AND Kait Diaz from Gears 4) on stage to take control of one of the other characters. The game looks awesome. I can see what they mean by going back to the style and feel of the first game. It looked fun to play and the interactive environments gives variety to each play through. The oh my God bit was at the end where they revealed old man Marcus Fenix!

Killer Instinct – General Raam

Straight after the Gears 4 demo, it instantly cuts to the recognisable Killer Instinct theme music. I was like, wait-what? Is it true? General Raam?! Yep, they revealed General Raam as a guest character for Killer Instinct and he’s playable right now! There’s also a moves list floating around on the web somewhere. Didn’t expect that at all. He looks like a “grappling” type character because he uses his iconic knife (looks more like a sword…) complete with Kryl!


There’s so little on this game that when I saw how fun the gameplay looks I was so happy. It looks like if they pull off the story, this can be a really good game. The trailer of ReCore looked like an action adventure game with elements of platforming. It seems you can call upon your robotic friends for extra traversal skills. I’m really looking forward to this one; it looks right up my alley.

Forza Horizon 3

Oh yes! It’s back! I loved Forza Horizon 2. The experience of racing down European streets in a super car was amazing. Now, they’re bringing the festival down under – to Australia! The environment looks so good and the cars looks amazing. Just let me drive my Mazda RX-7 and I’m happy.

We Happy Few

This caught my eye a while back because of how weird it was – even some coverage I’ve seen the weirdness was the cool factor about it. It’s really, really weird and freaky and looks like a blast to play. I guess if I was to describe it, I would call it a exploration, psychological horror game? I’m looking forward to this.


Finally get to see what co-operative play would be like in Scalebound. The action looks pretty good, the guy’s voice is annoying at times but I liked the humour. Like where the dragon knocks him to safety I thought perfect time for a funny line now and as I thought that, he does! I chuckled. This game has a lot of style to it. Some people don’t like the headphones in this setting, but I do. If you saw my VF5FS Jean costumes, a lot of them are traditional Karate Gi with headphones.

Halo Wars 2

This CGI trailer kept me guessing what this was in the first few moments, I was like ooooh what’s this? Then I think I saw a UNSC insignia on one of the soldiers uniform and thought ahh! Then a brute smashes the wall and the soldier. It was an entertaining trailer and I’m not sure how you can make an RTS trailer. But I guess the commanders staring at each other is pretty good in that it represents their intellectual and strategic battle that’s going on. This has a free beta this week so I’m definitely going to check this out.

Tekken 7

The announcement that took me by surprise the most – I did not even put this game on my “could be shown at E3” radar was Tekken 7. I saw Namco Bandai’s logo and was instantly glued to the screen. I have been waiting forever for an Xbox One confirmation and here it is in an awesome Akuma Vs Heihachi showdown. It was also showing off the new story mode where the cinematic blends in with the gameplay. I’m really liking this and can’t wait for 2017!

The other games

There are other games I was looking forward to but didn’t get much spotlight such as Below, Inside and Cup Head. There were also announcements that I didn’t really care like Dead Rising 4 and State of Decay 2. Don’t get me wrong, they looked cool but I’ve not played those games yet so I’m not really feeling the excitement for those games.

The hardware

There were a lot of hardware announced for the Xbox line. There are custom built controllers where you can customise the colour of everything and the option to have your gamertag printed on the face of the joypad. I’m very tempted by this but if I buy one, I’m not sure I will use it because I’m so used to the paddles on my Elite controller. I might use it for third person games actually. I don’t know. Very tempting. A new Gears 4 edition of the Elite controller has been announced. It looks kinda cool but I prefer bright coloured controllers (and blue) so if I hadn’t got my elite controller, I would go for this one. But at the moment I have one so I’m going to wait until there’s one with a design that I really like.

Two consoles were announced. An Xbox One S and project Scorpio. The Xbox One S is a smaller (by 40%) console with a built in power supply and one of the USB slots have been moved to the front. This looks really good. It is an upgrade since it can output 4k video content and display HDR colour The drawback is they’ve taken out the Kinect’s connector so if you want the Kinect, you’ll need to get an adapter + the Kinect separately. You also have a choice of getting it with 500GB, 1TB or 2TB internal hard drive. Project Scorpio sounds like a really high-end console at the moment. No specs have been released but their aiming to make 4K gaming on consoles a reality. You need some serious horse power right there. I initially thought, what’s the point of buying the Xbox One S if later down the line (holiday 2017) a newer, more powerful version (project Scorpio) is going to come out? But then I arrived at my answer: price. The short video Microsoft shown with Developer heads like Bonnie Ross, etc… made this console sound so powerful, I think it’s going to be super expensive too. I don’t think it’ll sit around the £400 mark. I’m thinking it’ll be priced at the £600-700 mark. I can’t see them releasing this for £300-400. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, I don’t know, I’m not Microsoft. So if it is this expensive, you can choose between the 3 options. The Xbox One that’s the baseline which supports everything, the slim which looks really good and is an upgraded experience or the super expensive premium version which will make tea and coffee for you as well. I’m personally thinking if the price is right and there’s an awesome bundle, I might get the super expensive one and give/sell my current Xbox to a friend. Or I can just have two Xboxes, one in the living room and one in my bedroom!

Awesome E3 with tonnes of games and features to look forward to, can’t wait for the games to actually come out so I can play them!


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