Could you let the dev talk now please?

I’m really excited to see Tekken at E3. I’ve been waiting for a release date so long that I stopped everything I was doing and just stared at my screen when it was on the Microsoft stage. I was like “WHAAAAT!?”. I’ve watched other trailers and coverages since and I came across this 15 minute IGN interview of Tekken 7. There’s a lot of information in the video covered by Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray. But, I couldn’t help but wish that Vince Ingenito (IGN host) to stop talking about what his impression of the game is and just let the developers talk.

I get he has to lead the interview and get them to talk about something, but if you’re going through a list of reasons why something is good or bad, what is there left to say for the developer? Like how he went on to talk about the word accessible in fighting game community, he went on to give a little background on it but what I would’ve liked was something like:

“there’s a new feature that helps make the game more accessible to new comers, could you talk a little about that?”

(answer goes here)

“that’s great, now how have you balanced it to keep it relevant to the hardcore fighting game enthusiasts/pro players/whatever”

(answer goes here.

I would like that format more just because I’m hearing the developer speak more. Poor Harada-san sat there for a while listening to the host rambling on about his impression and thoughts. I understand he’s excited for it too but he has a job to do, he needs to give the audience what we want. In the presence of developers, we don’t want to listen to the presenter/host’s opinion – we want to hear the developers talk about their project. Why? We can hear host/presenter impressions all the time through previews, reviews, (weekly) podcast discussions and Twitter. There’s so many channels for us to get their impressions on something we can wait for that whilst with developers, we don’t get that same amount of coverage. That’s why I’m so frustrated that we had the developers on stage, yet they didn’t get to say much. To me, it felt like 40~45% of the time, was the host talking. I love hearing people talk about their project and any funny stories they like to share and we’ll only get to that if they get to talk.


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