Fantastic Four’s not so fantastic

The reviews were terrible for this movie, the Rotten Tomatoes score is 9% so I went into this without expecting much. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. I thought the reboot was better than the Jessica Alba version and in my opinion, better than Batman Vs Super. Let’s rewind.

I think this movie is flawed and didn’t like how Sue got her powers. But it just wasn’t fun and the story didn’t click with me. There’s also the “if the super villain can kill people just by looking at people, why didn’t he do that to the heroes” thing too. There’s not much I liked about this movie, it gets kinda interesting when they get their powers for the first time, then it just fast forwards to a random point in time. Not a fan of that as the training would’ve been quite cool. The decision to star Michael B Jordan was probably the best thing of the movie. I didn’t mind an actor of a different race to the character in the comics. The other actors felt flat to me. Especially Richards, there was a line he says in the final act and it just sounded soulless. Earlier I said I liked Fantastic Four more than Batman Vs Superman and the reason is I didn’t have to sit through over 2 hours watching a joyless movie. It was less than 2 hours of joyless screen time so I guess that’s more forgivable on my scale. Also, they didn’t create a shitty Doomsday!

It wasn’t great, the acting was awkward the villain decides to pull punches on the heroes and it felt rushed. Not a fan. I wouldn’t recommend this movie.


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