Spy thriller Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a pretty good spy movie. To put this into perspective, my favourite Spy franchise is the Bourne series and least favourite are the James Bond ones.

The action sequences were good and well punctuated with humour. I think this is why I liked it because I’m a fan of action and comedy. The best action, in my opinion, comes from the entertaining chase scenes (plastered with BMW logos). They managed to convey the sense of speed and it feels real that our hero’s car would collide with obstructions as he makes his escape attempt.

Rogue Nation also introduces Rebecca Ferguson to me. She totally stole the show for me playing a very sexy character but isn’t totally useless. There are times when she’s nearly a damsel in distress but I think having her go head to head with the main fighter bad guy at the end helps avoid that trope (for me). It’s amazing how many second chances she gets with “failing” her tasks though. Her loyalty was being tested yet she basically fails them and they let her live. Awesome.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation legs

There’s always going to be plot holes in whatever the movie but here, it wasn’t so distracting that it took me out of the experience. It was how stupid the British intelligence agency was portrayed. Except for Rebecca’s character, it seemed everyone on that team were unbelievably inept. It just didn’t sit well with me how Team America is sooo awesome and other countries need their help. But it’s a movie, it is what it is.

I would recommend Mission Impossible Rogue Nation because it’s quite easy to like and you don’t need any knowledge of the previous movies – I certainly don’t but I still enjoyed it.

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