DC Comic’s Snoozing Squad

I’ve finally seen the heavily advertised Suicide Squad movie. I’m not impressed. Throughout the movie, only one scene made me think this movie could actually be fun. I was wrong though, I sat in the cinema just waiting for the movie to become massively entertaining right up until the credits started rolling… and then finish.

I don’t know what it is with the recent DC movies. Their story telling is very weird, they like to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks (not necessarily thrown in a logical order too). The movie felt like it was trying to be funny by using Deadshot’s (or more accurately, Will Smith’s) humour and crazy Harley Quinn scenes. But I didn’t find them funny. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are brilliant actors but I think the direction and script has let them down in this case. Harley Quinn’s lines weren’t half as funny as the movie wants it to be, for example the part where she’s talking about voices in her head it just didn’t make me laugh. All her jokes were bad – in fact, I think I only smiled three times during the entire movie and two of those times was because of something I thought was stupid (and it wasn’t intended to be funny).

The characters were very one note and except for Diablo, all the characters are pretty much the same as when they started the movie. They just literally threw a group of people together and sent them on a mission, like Katana. Her back story sounds amazing yet we just get Flag say two or three lines about you shouldn’t piss her off because of her sword… c’mon man, that back story would’ve been great on it’s own. I feel this way for most of the other squad members too, it would’ve been great to see a Harley Quinn/Joker movie to establish their origins and their relationship instead of a couple of randomly placed flashbacks.

Out of all the characters, Margot Robbie looks best fit for her character (Harley Quinn) but I felt not enough of the psycho lunatic characteristic of Harley came out of her. I’m sorry, I just didn’t find her lines funny at all. I would have loved to see her before she became Harley though. In fact, one of the biggest distractions of this movie was the Joker. To me he felt like a generic gansta boss dude and also didn’t really act like a lunatic. He does shoot a guy in a club but in a lot of gang movies, someone will do this to show how much power they have. There were scenes where he seemed like he acted on rationale which I did not like. The joker should be cut from this movie. Oh and least corrosive acid EVER!


I was surprised by the Enchantress, she started off strong but after the scene at the boardroom, she didn’t seem to be that good any more. It’s as if the director wanted to see her dance so that’s what he made her do. Deadshot had the only scene in the movie where I was actually entertained. The part where he demonstrates his shooting skills in prison where he shoots at targets without missing any of them. The cool part about this was how he was varying his shots like it was a practice drill for him. I also like how he double tapped the pistols and then did short bursts for the rifles etc… the heated bullet holes just added to the effect. Everything else he did though was annoying. Like the first wave of enemies they encounter he does a dick move and basically gets in the way of everybody’s line of fire. It’s supposed to make him look amazing but he didn’t have to reload or anything and he took out an army standing in the way. It’s also funny how the unimportant generic soldiers weapons (rifles, etc…) have zero effect of the monsters but Harley Quinn’s baseball bat is enough to take them down with one swing.

I also have issue with the squad. Amanda Waller – the mastermind who put this squad together basically wanted to get a team of extraordinary individuals together to fight the fight they cannot. For example if the next Superman decides to fly into the White House and take the President, these individuals will stand up against him. Because they also don’t have any super powers like the guards guarding the President… huh? What made her think they can slow him down by a micro second, let alone prevent him from doing that? The second reason was so they can do stuff that the government can deny accountability of and then throw them under the bus if they get caught. This sounds like bad things like assassinating political figures, sabotaging economies, etc… which is fine but why are they deployed on the mission to save Waller? Regular military guys would have more training than street thugs to rescue important VIPs. They weren’t needed in this movie. Also, when Waller does get rescued, she shoots the other agents. I assume she doesn’t want anyone to know what had happened with Enchantress, but those guys in that room have been running the op with her. So… every time the squad completes a mission the people in the office gets killed off? She’ll have to look for more people to fill those places now. And will she shoot Flag and Deadshot afterwards?

The movie just doesn’t make a lot of sense. For example, Harley Quinn takes a lift up to the upper floors (the one scene I actually thought was funny) and the guys downstairs looking up at her as the lift ascends somehow get to the floor she was going to before the lift doors actually open. How the hell do they manage that? It’s also ridiculous how Enchantress fights the squad for awhile and then just decides to just take away their weapons. Why didn’t she do that in the first place? Why bother teleporting around? Also, she did nothing to help her brother when he was fighting, and as always, held back against the main protagonists. Also, why was Harley Quinn dreaming of a normal life with a normal Joker? What? She’s supposed to be mad at this point so it didn’t make much sense to me. There were so many problems I had with the movie, I spent most of it thinking, why this and why that?

Suicide Squad should have been a simple movie with a simple plot without the Joker. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, in fact, my friend asked if it was good and I told him to catch it on streaming services instead.


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